1-      Airport: King Fahd International Airport is located 40 km northwest of Dammam, the capital of the Eastern Province. Currently, over 5 million passengers use the airport per year, out of which, roughly 56% are international passengers.  The airport serves60 destinations in 31 countries and 3 continents including Asia, Europe and Africa, with frequent domestic and direct international flights.
2-      Currency: The Saudi currency, the Riyal (symbol SAR), is fixed at 1 U.S. dollar = 3.75 Riyals, which translates to approximately to 1 Riyal = 0.266667 U.S dollar. The Riyal can be used in other GCC countries
3-      Hotels: With over 65 hotels between Dammam, Dhahran and Al Khobar, we can advise and reserve for you at the best 5-star hotels to the ideal lower budget hotels. DIEC also offers shuttle service from your hotel to the exhibition.
4-      Dress code: Foreign men must wear either trousers or long Bermuda shorts as long as they are below the knee. Tank tops are not appropriate, where long sleeve/short sleeve shirts or t-shirts are more acceptable. Women need to wear abayas (loose, long black robes which cover the arms and reach the ankles).


5-      Visas: There are different types of visas issued to foreigners, depending on the purpose of their visit. Foreigners wanting to travel to Saudi Arabia need to get current visa information from The Saudi embassy in the country they reside in.